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Service Italy 58 warfare

Le 20 juin 2017, 11:43 dans Humeurs 0

Service Italy 58 warfare, a Serie A, two Italian Cup, 2 times the Italian Super Cup, plus 2006 World Cup champion, and another 17 runner-up. Garnett played 619 games, Pingbu Feng, the history of 647 games after the Maldini, Serie A into the 250 ball, the history of Pigola only after the 290 ball Jacques Plante Jersey, even more than the current total score of active Rome players also More than 4, to maintain the history of Serie A for the same club scoring the most records. A series of legendary figures, can not cover all of Totti, Maradona called the captain of Rome is the best player ever seen, and with the former Lazio coach Eriksson's words to sum up: "Totti is not a hero He is a god. In the past season, Arsenal's top striker Sanchez has been deeply moved rumors Eric Tangradi Jersey, while the gunman another striker Girou said today that he will not be satisfied with playing too little time, suggesting that he will leave the team this summer. Arsenal currently have Sanchez, Giroux and Weier Baker 3 when playing striker, Walcott is just a guest, not a genuine striker John Scott Jersey. During the last season, Welbeck recuperation, Sanchez has been the main striker Arsenal, Giro can only fight to start. Wait for Welbeck to come back, Giro's playing time is further squeezed. As early as the end of last year, the original contract expired in the summer of Giro came out to want to leave the team Michael McCarron Jersey, rumors that Marseille is very interested in Giroux. However, in January this year, Girov turned his mind to sign a new contract with the gun, but the "Post" pointed out that Marseille did not give up on Giroud.

34-year-old Bayern captain

Le 20 juin 2017, 11:43 dans Humeurs 0

34-year-old Bayern captain, this season ended his own glorious years Daniel Carr Jersey, the effectiveness of Bayern and Germany during the period, he step by step to grow into the world's best right back Canadiens Jersey, Bundesliga 385 and 14 goals, won eight league titles, Champions League 112 hit a German player history, the national team career 113 war 5 ball, 2013 Bayern achievements to win the Triple Crown Doug Harvey Jersey, 2014 to help the German tanker won the World Cup champion, is the culmination of his career brilliant. How to "team short" to find a suitable substitute, may be the next few years when the number one Bayern team problems. Lucky to keep the handsome Wenger will certainly introduce new strikers this summer to strengthen the team in order to red in the next season, especially if Sanchez left the team, then signed a strong striker is imperative, perhaps worried that their bench position is not Paul Ginger is still included in the plan Travis Moen Jersey, although he did not let me often played, but I will not meet this playing time. " Premier League this season, the first 19 rounds, Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace. The game to the first 17 minutes, Sanchez left the biography, Giroux with a wonderful scorpion tail for the team opened the first record. England champion Rene Kerr said: "Giroux is used in the old scorpion wagging tail action, this is a wonderful good ball.

Club career effectiveness of three giants

Le 20 juin 2017, 11:43 dans Humeurs 0

Club career effectiveness of three giants, can become the midfield core, and rate the two teams to dominate the Champions League, so rare history rare. Alonso is so legendary midfielder, after leaving the royal society in Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern are the main iron Dominic Moore Jersey, won the Champions League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, the European Super Cup, King's Cup, FA Cup, the German Cup, Spain Super Cup, England Community Shield with the German Super Cup champion. Effectiveness of the Spanish national team during the Long brother also won two European Cup and the 2010 World Cup, the standard life winner. Perhaps for Mourinho play, Gerrard will get more collective honor and personal honor, and even the Golden Globe, and he actually have the opportunity to win the dream of the Premiership title. However, Steven Gerrard chose for loyalty to Liverpool, he chose to stay and the Red Army honor and shame Artturi Lehkonen Jersey. Giroux's goal has been 46% of the vote, with a very big advantage was elected the best goal. Champions League group match Ozil in the game against Ludo Gorez, Ozil played the other players after the goal ranked second. Coase Czerny ranked 3rd in the Southampton Ballows. According to Sky Sports news, although Barcelona on Bolai Lin hot pursuit, but Arsenal believe he will not leave. In the just-concluded season Tom Gilbert Jersey, Bellein played 35 times Saku Koivu Jersey, is an indispensable part of the team, he also in the FA Cup final against Chelsea when starting.

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