34-year-old Bayern captain, this season ended his own glorious years Daniel Carr Jersey, the effectiveness of Bayern and Germany during the period, he step by step to grow into the world's best right back Canadiens Jersey, Bundesliga 385 and 14 goals, won eight league titles, Champions League 112 hit a German player history, the national team career 113 war 5 ball, 2013 Bayern achievements to win the Triple Crown Doug Harvey Jersey, 2014 to help the German tanker won the World Cup champion, is the culmination of his career brilliant. How to "team short" to find a suitable substitute, may be the next few years when the number one Bayern team problems. Lucky to keep the handsome Wenger will certainly introduce new strikers this summer to strengthen the team in order to red in the next season, especially if Sanchez left the team, then signed a strong striker is imperative, perhaps worried that their bench position is not Paul Ginger is still included in the plan Travis Moen Jersey, although he did not let me often played, but I will not meet this playing time. " Premier League this season, the first 19 rounds, Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace. The game to the first 17 minutes, Sanchez left the biography, Giroux with a wonderful scorpion tail for the team opened the first record. England champion Rene Kerr said: "Giroux is used in the old scorpion wagging tail action, this is a wonderful good ball.