Gerrard announced his career, from 1998 to 2017, Liverpool former captain is almost the best midfielder in England synonymous with the Red Army career 710 battle 186 ball Artturi Lehkonen Jersey, the club's history ranked No. 3, the team before the team 5, Took over the Premier League championship outside almost all club tournament honors. During the England team, Steven Gerrard 114 and 21 goals, played several teams history of the fourth year of his career Gerrard won the size of the championship 9, won the 2006 PFA Premier League best, in 2005 won the UEFA Player of the Year. Now the team has begun to coach Liverpool U18 echelon Charlie Lindgren Jersey, but to re-create a Steven Gerrard II, I am afraid there is no possibility. In the 17 years of the effectiveness of Liverpool, Gerrard played a total of 710 times, scored 186 goals, he is the legend of the Red Army, also loaded the history of this Merseyside giants. Sometimes, the winner and the winner together, the difference is not just days and place, and there is a loyalty, Gerrard's share of feelings, Totti also understand. He will become a free agent Larry Robinson Jersey, any team wants to sign him do not need to pay the transfer fee. Although Terry has been 36 years old, but he experienced, experience is very rich, and in accordance with the strength of the veteran of England, he foothold in the Premiership did not have any problems, after West Bromwich also want to sign Terry Mike Brown Jersey, but Now Bournemouth also joined the veteran of the battle.